Return of the Bloodthirsty Police

Return of the Bloodthirsty Police

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Return of the Bloodthirsty Police is a Manga/Manhwa in (English/Raw) language, Action & Drama series, english chapters have been translated and you can read them on, This Summary is About

Bo Sal, a monk at the Hwaguksa Buddhist temple and head of the Hwaguksa hitman group, picked up Bi Gwang as a child and raised him as a hitman. When Bi Gwang grew tired of the killing and decided to leave the group to start living a normal life, Bo Sal and the other members of the Hwaguksa group betrayed and killed him.

After his death, Bi Gwang's soul was transferred into the body of a police officer named Kim Gyeongsu and he vowed to take revenge on the Hwaguksa group for their betrayal.

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